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Should You Buy a Home That Has a Septic System?

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Septic Tank Cover
Buying a home can be a daunting process. You have a lot to think about and consider as you make your purchase.
For many people, one hard thing is deciding whether they can handle a home that has a septic system. While using a septic system, especially if you never have before, can be tricky for many homeowners, it is ultimately worthwhile for most people.
Thus, do not let a home septic system scare you off. As long as you can provide the proper maintenance, you will find that many benefits exist to owning a home with one of these systems.
The Costs Are Not as Bad as You Might Think
One common reason that many people shy away from buying a home with a septic system is that they fear it will cost them a lot to maintain.
While you do have costs with a septic system, they are not as bad as you might think. Typically, pumping and general maintenance should not cost you more than around $500 per year. In fact, they may very well cost you less.
And, because you can be self-sufficient and off the grid with a septic system, you may even be able to avoid some of the charges that others face, such as water bills and city water maintenance fees.
In some cases, a septic system could even save you money as a homeowner, so do not let worries about cost be a deterrent to buying a home with a septic system.
You Can Inspect the Septic System Before You Buy
People are often worried that they might get roped into buying a home that has a poorly functioning or problematic septic system.
However, measures are in place to protect you from this disaster.
For example, you can and should thoroughly inspect the system before your purchase. In fact, in some states, inspection is even required.
Thus, chances are unlikely that you will end up with a bad system. As long as you follow the proper protocol, you should be fine with your purchase.
Your Water Will Not Have Contamination
A common misconception about septic systems is that they could leak and potentially contaminate your drinking water with fecal matter, which could prove dangerous.
However, this worry is based on not understanding how a septic system works. Septic systems and drinking water systems are always completely separate. Furthermore, with sound construction, the two systems are far apart from each other to prevent any kind of contamination from happening. Thus, with a properly installed septic system, you do not need to be concerned about your drinking water.
In fact, septic systems tend to be more sound and leakproof than general groundwater lines, so you actually run less of a risk of contaminating any water, let alone your drinking water.
Clogging Is Easy to Prevent
Finally, no matter what people have, as long as you treat your system properly, clogs are not a major concern.
As long as you only flush approved items down your toilet and use your sink and garbage disposal with care, clogs are not a very real risk. This is especially true if you regularly service and maintain your system as you should.
As you can see, many of the worries that might prevent you from buying a home with a septic system are unfounded and overblown. With so many benefits to these systems, you have no reason to pass up your dream home just because it has a septic system. Contact us at Acme Environmental Services to learn more. We are happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.