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Advantages of Having a Septic System on Your Property

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Septic System
While some people feel the risk of a failed septic system is too high, septic systems do have some advantages over being tied to the city sewer system. If you bought a house that is already on city sewer, changing to septic is possible but may not be practical. However, if you do have a choice between septic and sewer, you might want to consider the advantages that a septic system offers.
Septic Systems Are Environmentally Friendly
A properly working septic system is environmentally friendly when you consider that it does not need electricity or fuel to operate. The septic system uses natural filtration and not chemicals to clean the water passing through the system. It saves energy, reduces chemical-contamination risks, and does not stop working because of a power outage.
A well-designed septic system will filter the black and gray water from the home on its own. Maintenance is limited to inspections and occasional cleanings in most cases, but you have to be responsible and not put things down the drain that could damage the system, such as feminine hygiene products and paper towels.
Setting up the system so that grey water goes directly into the leach field will further reduce the stress on the tank and extend the life of the system.
Septic Systems Have a Lower Overall Cost
If you are moving into a home that already has a septic system in place, the cost of the installation is not a concern. Since you don’t pay a monthly bill to operate your septic system, you will save money from the beginning. While the system needs to be pumped, cleaned and inspected, that cost is still lower than paying for the privilege of using the city sewer system every month.
For new construction, compare the cost of installation for a sewer versus a septic system. Note that the cost to connect your home to the city sewer system is going to differ from city to city. Some cities combine the cost of water and sewage, while others charge for these separately. So contact the city for a current price.
Along with paying for the connection, if the sewer line from your property to the city system fails, you will have to pay to fix it.
Septic Systems Allow for Off-Grid Living
Because a septic system is not dependent on anything other than the tank and leach field installed on your property, it makes true off-grid living possible. You can build a home on a remote piece of property if you choose and not need to worry about connecting to any other system or paying the high fees to have a sewer line run from the town system out to your property.
In some areas, the city or town will run the lines if you are beyond the current sewer system if you request it, but often that cost is the responsibility of the property owner, and it is not a cheap proposition.
The reality is that installing the septic system you need will be cheaper than running the sewer to the property. If your home is small and you are the only one living on the property, the septic system does not need to be very large, which will also save you some money.
At Acme Environmental Services, we offer inspection, pumping, repair and new installation of septic systems of all sizes, as well as inspection of your existing system if it is time. With over 25 years serving the area, we have the experience and expertise to help solve your septic system problems. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your septic system.