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3 Ways an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Can Help Your Septic System

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Septic System of a House
If you're among the number of eco-conscious Americans who own a septic system, you'll be glad to know that it uses an all-natural process to treat your wastewater. But did you know that leading an eco-friendly lifestyle can actually benefit your septic system as well? Here's how.
1. Supporting the Tank's Bacterial Content
Your septic tank has thousands of bacteria inside. These bacteria a vital part of the system, since they treat the wastewater anaerobically. There are also bacteria (both aerobic and anaerobic) used in the leach field. These bacteria can get along just fine without adding any products or home remedies to the tank, but they're also susceptible to damage.
As you can imagine, antibacterial cleaning agents are something that can kill off some of your tank's bacteria. If you're living a green lifestyle and using green cleaners, you're less likely to have this problem because you won't be relying heavily on strong chemicals such as bleach.
Other things that can harm the bacterial content include:
  • Chemical drain cleaners
  • Prescription antibiotics
  • Solvents and other household chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Antibacterial soaps
An Earth-friendly life where you avoid antibacterial soaps and chemicals such as pesticides and drain cleaners (or dispose of them responsibly at a hazardous waste facility if you have them) can help avoid damage to your septic tank's ecosystem.
2. Avoiding Damaging Detergents
In addition to harming the colonies of bacteria in your septic tank, some commonly used household products can cause other problems as well. For example, if you use a powdered detergent, it may have ingredients that cause pipe clogs. These clogs can then lead to a wider failure, potentially causing septic backups or contaminating the surrounding area.
In addition, many commercial detergents contain surfactants that can cause real environmental problems and contaminate the surrounding ground and groundwater even if the system isn't malfunctioning. If you're leading an eco-friendly lifestyle and choosing safer, biodegradable detergents, this situation is less likely to happen.
3. Reducing Wastewater Load
Another tenet of environmentalism is that water waste should be avoided whenever possible. Septic experts agree with this sentiment, because overloading your septic system with too much water can severely tax its abilities and even cause malfunctions.
It's true that your septic system was designed to handle large quantities of water, but the tank can only hold a certain amount and the water can only flow out to the leach field as quickly as the leach field can distribute it. So even if you're just running perfectly clean water down the drain, you can still manage to overwhelm the system.
Fortunately, using eco-friendly, water-efficient appliances can help you reduce the amount of water you use each day, which in turn reduces the chances of overusing your septic. Water-efficient washing machines, dishwashers, and plumbing fixtures (such as low-flow toilets and faucets) can have a huge impact on the amount of water your household uses in a day.
And any other methods you use to reduce your environmental impact by using water efficiently are likely to be great for your septic system as well. For instance, if you use your laundry washing water for your lawn, or catch the extra water from your shower and use that to flush the toilet, you're reducing the amount of water that goes into the septic system even more.
These three points show how an eco-friendly lifestyle can be great for your septic system. And fortunately for you, a septic system is great for an eco-friendly lifestyle as well. The treated water goes back into the environment (without causing pollution, if you're caring for your system correctly) and pumped effluent typically goes back into the ground as fertilizer later on.
Acme Environmental Services, LLC can help you take great care of your septic system so it will continue to support your eco-friendly lifestyle for many years to come. Give us a call today if you'd like to schedule a pumping, inspection, or maintenance visit.